CISM Certification | CISM Exam

The CISM is really a globally recognized Information Security Manager designation, provided by the ISACA organization. The CISM certification program is developed particularly for experienced information security managers and individuals who’ve information security management duties. The CISM certification is perfect for the person who handles, designs, runs and/or analyzes an enterprise’s information security (IS). The CISM certification encourages worldwide practices and offers executive management with assurance that individuals generating the designation possess the needed experience and understanding to supply effective security management and talking to services. The CISM job practice also defines a worldwide job description for that information security manager and a means to measure existing staff or compare prospective new employs.

To be able to obtain certification, you have to:

CISM CertificationSuccessfully complete the CISM exam

CISM CertificationPosses experience within the area of knowledge security

CISM Certification Adhere towards the Code of Professional Ethics

CISM Certification Adhere towards the ongoing professional education program

CISM Certification Submit a credit card applicatoin for CISM Certification

Overview of Cism certification | cism exam

The Certified Information Security Manager® (CISM®) certification program was developed by ISACA specifically for experienced information security managers and those who have information security management responsibilities. The CISM certification is for those who manage, design, oversee and/or assess an enterprise’s information security (IS).

“The CISM certification promotes international practices and provides executive management with assurance that those earning the designation have the required experience and knowledge to provide effective security management and consulting services.” (ISACA)

 With a growing demand for professionals possessing Information Security Management skills, CISM Exam has become a leading individual certification in information security management for individuals and organisations around the world. CISM certification signifies commitment to serving an organization and the Information Security industry with distinction.

Studying for your CISM Exam

CISM certification is achieved by passing the official CISM exam, which are run in the UK and elsewhere (see below). The most common method of preparing for the CISM certification is to attend a classroom training course. There is only one of these each year for each CISM exam, and places are reserved early – so make your reservation today!

CISM Certification   Book your place today on the next CISM Exam- Certified Information Security                   Manager Training Course

CISM certification | CISM exam Classroom training is not, however, mandatory and, provided that you meet the registration requirements described below, anyone can sit the CISM exam. There are a number of training aids specifically designed to help you pass the exam.